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The company was founded by the builder and sworn appraiser Josef Podzimek in 1896. The company’s name changed over time, until it finally got the title “Josef Podzimek & Son – Circular Brickworks, Steam Sawmill and Production of Cementing Goods in Třešť”. In 1932 after a great fire the brickworks, sawmill and joinery were completely destroyed. 


Nevertheless the company grew from the small construction company to a larger business, which in 1948 disposed of not only basic construction manufactory, but also a sawmill, two brickworks and production of cementing goods. After 1948 it was confiscated by the state and went through rough times and also changed its name several times.   


In 1993 the company became again private and returned back to the hands of the former owner – Josef Podzimek, who had owned it since 1945. The former name was reinstated in a slightly different version as “Podzimek a Synové (Podzimek and Sons), s.r.o.”, so that the company’s tradition was preserved. Contemporary owners of the company – Ing. Josef Podzimek (*1937) and his son Ing. Martin Podzimek (*1965) founded in 1994 another company named P&S and based it in Prague. In 1995, privatization of the second part of the former company was finished and now it is written in the company register as “Strojírny Podzimek (Podzimek Engineering works), s.r.o.” based in Třešť.


That is how the „Seskupení firem Podzimek (Podzimek Group)“  was established. In 1996 it has celebrated 100 years anniversary of its creation by the founding father Josef Podzimek. In 2003 Jan, Martin and Josef Podzimek founded another company named “Dřevovýroba Podzimek (Wood Production Podzimek), s.r.o.” Since 2004, Podzimek Group now owns four companies.





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