Stone Industry Technology


Strojírny Podzimek is a manufacturing and supplying engineering company, providing complex services in the following areas

  •  Design and manufacturing of technological lines for stone industry, gravel pits and sand quarries.
  •  Manufacturing of belt conveyors, feeders for dehydrators, bucket elevators for transportation of aggregate and bulk materials.
  •  Adjustments and reconstructions of crushing and sorting lines for minerals.
  •  Manufacturing of technological steel constructions, leveling hoppers, transfer chutes, cartridges
  •  Design, construction and consultancy
  •  Reconstruction of technological vessels – hopper barges, tugboats, suction dredgers.


The company applies services quality management system, has appropriate manufacturing devices and most of all highly qualified staff.


Company was awarded these certificates (More >>):


  • Certificate Quality System acc. ČSN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • First level Certificate of capacity for manufacturing steel constructions acc. ČSN 73 2601-Z2:1994
  • Certificate of capacity for servicing, reconstruction and manufacture of vessels.
  • Eligibility for designing objects and installations for mining


We have worked in the field of processing of stone, sand and other construction materials for more than thirty years. We offer you our experience in the following fields:




  • Technology
  • Manufacturing lines for material processing
  • Reconstruction


Production of machines and devices

Supply and assembly



We are prepared to solve your problems and therefore offer complex services:


Belt Conveyors

>> Gallery of belt conveyors

  • Cantilever
  • Inter-object
  • Feeding
  • Floating
  • Ground
  • Radial mobile

Spare Parts:

  • Roller idlers
  • Rubberizing of drums
  • Drive drums
  • Return drums
  • Conveyor Covers

Mechanically Solidified Aggregate


Strojírny Podzimek, s.r.o. develops for its customers a comprehensive range of semi-mobile lines for production of mechanically solidified aggregate and certificated crushed gravels.


The Mixing apparatus for the production of mechanically solidified aggregate is able to mix in a given pattern various fractions of natural or artificial aggregate. The device is semi-mobile, easy to control and able to run on one’s own. That the apparatus fulfils all qualitative criteria is proved by the satisfaction of current customers. Final product – mechanically solidified aggregate – is a purely ecological mixture, ideal for modern constructions and can be used in various ways, e.g. as a base layer for roads or highways, as a top layer for forest trails or bicycle paths, or as an architectural feature in parks and gardens.

Our mixing apparatus was awarded with a special prize of Business Platform for Foreign Development Cooperation. Ing. Pavel Wiesner, technical department director, June 2009



>> Gallery of Hoppers

  • Primary
  • Semi-mobile hoppers with feeder
  • Square, Circular with feeder
  • With feeder


>> Gallery of valves

  • Segmented
  • Tabular
  • Feeding
  • Other


>> Gallery of feeders

  • Car-type
  • Tracked
  • Sectional


>> Gallery of chutes

  • Chutes

Design and construction of chutes according to transported material with usage of carbide, material Hardox…


Drying Drums

>> Gallery of drying drums


Machines for Aftersorting

>> Gallery of machines for aftersorting

  • Drum washers

Circular Bucket Water Separators

>> Gallery of Circular Bucket Water Separators

  • Dehydrators
  • Dehydrators with worm gear (KDŠ 80, KDŠ 150)
  • Dehydrators without gatherer (KKD 80, KKD 110)

Sorting Machines

>> Gallery of sorting machines


Stone Crushing Machines

>> Gallery of stone crushing machines

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Re-sorting of Rail gravels

>> Gallery of re-sorting of rail gravels






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